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Primarily for Mechanical graduates…

Around 1.5 Million Engineers are graduated in every year in India with a mammoth 4000 Institutes. Over Last 10 years there is more than 200% increment in the intake and pass outs (So called) Engineers.

In last 3 Months we have interviewed 300 students / Engineers for 3 various post in our firm, we were very shocked after seing the results because,70% Engineers failed in aptitude and almost no-One knows the physical meaning of the values obtained by the calculations There are some problems in the mindset and in learning process, also we have focused on Remedies of it.


Pic Source : Internet ||  Workshopwale is the platform to achieve it..

In that interview series we digged out and got following results as follows-

A. Why are we pursuing the Engineering?

  1. A straight forward answer is , In India a normal students (Not Everyone) is pursuing Engineering because everybody doing so and the worst thing is parents also feeling the same.

B. Knowledge Approach??

  1. Absolutely no idea about the physics behind the Projects/Machines & No idea about the results of the calculations.
  2. Blindly trusting the available information available on the internet i.e GOOGLE & WIKI. &
  3. Take it easy Approach.

We would like you to take towards the positive aspect of the concept and list out the things which may be useful to get rid of a dilemma

Here we go..


  1. Come out from your comfort zone and start learning some advance courses like CAD, Cre-o & CFD etc. For more details you can visit www.workshopwale.com.

  2. You must have clear idea about what are you doing, build the positive attitude towards knowledge, break your own barriers. For all youngsters you must go for YES +/ Happiness programme of Art Of Living, there you will come to know, how to get read of your negative approach and worries.

  3. Gets hands on training on Open Sources Like free CAD / OpenFoam etc.

  4. Always build the curiosity about your projects, works & scenarios.


Intention behind this blog is very simple and clear that one must be aware about the current advance techniques because if you want to be a part of change , you must know what is change. Because Unemployment is not our main problem, the problem is Unemployability .