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Our Background for this case study on CFD Training institutes in Pune, Bengaluru, Mumbai etc., with OpenFOAM / Ansys

Various companies and Institutes provide CFD Training on various software platforms like Ansys Fluent, Ansys CFX, OpenFOAM etc.. The number of CFD Training institutes in Pune, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Indore are growing rapidly like an epidemic. 

BUT the course quality is getting worsen every passing day. the final results are like:

  1. Incomplete Traning on software aspects (unable to handle the software)
  2. NO knowledge about the inherent theory (resulting in hilarious results ; see our blog adressing this issue)
  3. No Placements offered / No placements on the records
Best CFD Training with Ansys / OpenFOAM

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We are writing this blog to share the conclusions of our market analysis & research on CFD Training Provided by various institutes. 

please note that ‘CFD Training Course with OpenFOAM / Ansys’ is a case study, not a marketing blog. we are sharing the results obatined by our market analysis

Let’s start with the local market analysis

CFD Training institutes in Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Nagpur and Indore

It is not worth to take any names, but almost all the CFD Training institutes in the cities like Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore etc. are unable to deliver what was expected. With our survey (by seminars, online interaction and direct talks) on students, we come to know about the expectations of (Indian) students.

Any (Indian) Student expects only two things from CFD Training Institutes (either online or in Pune, Mumbai or Bangalore)

Any (Indian) Student expect only two things from CFD Training Institutes (either online or in Pune, Mumbai or Bangalore)

  1. Detail knowledge to independently handle general CFD projects (not so complicated cases)
  2. Placements Opportunities after the completion of the courses
  3. Appropriate duration for the course

OpenFOAM, Ansys and CFD Training Institutes in Pune

Sample Image: Screen shot of OpenFOAM Training Sessions in Pune Branch

We addressed the problems of the students

With our detailed analysis, we have formulated an ideal course structure. and you know what, it works fantastic with complete knowledge on CFD and 100% placements. The duration of the course was just 6 weeks (about one and a half month).

The Second part of this blog

The second part of this blog will be published tomorrow on 09-Sep-2016. In the second part we will be writing about how we drafted the course structure and how we addressed the problems


  1. CFD Training institutes in Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore etc. have a long way to go.
  2. Only quality of your education can give you better job opportunities and a sustainable development