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A well-built and properly managed maintained barn serves more than just a primary storage of crops and housing of livestock. It becomes the first impression about farming skills.

Hence an architectural model with appropriate drawing for barn is as important as model / drawing of other agricultural buildings. We at provides end to end solution for the architectural needs of barn.

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Chicken house or chicken coop

With growing population of chicken lovers, poultry industry is now getting expanded exponentially. To increase the production, it is important to have a properly ventilated and well planned architectural design for the chicken house or chicken poop.

We at provides you the best 'architectural models and drawings' (prepared specially by chicken lovers). With the detailed information about the architecture and construction, our 'architectural models and drawing' gives the first visual about the chicken house.

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Cow is considered as mother in India (mainly among Hindus). We respect the feelings and hence our dedicated team of engineers and go-sevaks (the servants of holy cow) makes sure to give you best-in-the-class 'architectural designs and drawings'.

We pour our heart in making the models and drawing well modelled, labelled and detailed to make it comfortable for both cows and their devotees. Our high end technology coupled with devoted team of engineers at affordable rates increase the overall production of dairy products.

You will continuously enjoy the high quality services from us.

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Everybody wants to get a break from the artificial life and get close to Mother Nature. Hence, peace-loving farm house is now a need of every human being. We at provides you the best architectural models and drawings according to desire.

Our expertise in this section makes a beautified detailed technical models and drawings that itself signifies the importance of the architectural needs of a farm house.

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Your need for high end modeling and drawings solutions for architectural design of the grain storage area ends here. With our experienced team of drafters and modellers we are here to provide you accurate and specific to need solution.

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Green House

Whether you have an architectural design for personal greenhouse or you want to design an industrial sized greenhouse, our expertise in 'architectural modeling and drawing' is the perfect match for you.

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Pigpen or Sty

Whatever may be the size of pig farm and pork production area, we are capable of providing you architectural models and architectural drawings. Our accurate design coupled with precise drafting skills give the best in the pig raising area.

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We know shed is not just a single storey structure at your allotment, it is a place where you can be a real yourself. It is a place for your hobbies and your personal workshop.

We at provide you an excellent architectural model and drawing suiting the expectations out of an architectural needs.

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We provide high quality of construction drawings and architectural models for silo. It is suitable but not limited for applications like storing bulk materials, store grains, storage of fermented feed etc.

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Our architectural models and construction drawings for stable is well known for keeping the livestock (especially horses) comfortably. Whatever may be size and variety of livestock, we are capable of giving well organised and structured drawings for comfortable housing for each.

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Storm cellar

When anger of Mother Nature appears in form of violent severe weather (like tornadoes), a storm cellar is needed to protect us.

We at provides you the architectural model and construction drawing for your personalised storm cellar. Our detailed CAD model with mathematical modelling and precise calculations give you end-to-end safe and secure structure

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Other Agricultural Buildings

Other agricultural buildings where we provide accurate and detailed architectural models and drawings are:

  • well house

  • root cellar

  • hayloft, etc.

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