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Construction and Execution coordination drawings by workshopwale

Execution of multi-disciplinary projects such as construction and building works requires coordination between companies working in different fields (such as MEP, plumbing, HVAC, utilities etc.)

Coordination has to start from the primary level (i.e., during planning of fabrication process). The idea about coordination drawings is to avoid bottlenecks as much as possible. Further it has to manage the sharing of workplace with different companies without affecting their works. For example, in case of construction of a mansion, there must be a coordination between electrical contractor, HVAC contractor, utilities contractor, steel fabricator, civil engineer and most important the architect.

We provide you the best construction drawings with minimized 'bottle-necks' and maximized productivity.

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Why us??

  • We provide other drawing services such as MEP drawings, patent drawings, assembly drawings, fabrication drawings etc.
  • We know the difference between various drawings. Hence, we do not put up one over other
  • Our approach of involving all the parties to understand their requirements enables us for win-win conditions.
  • If required we go for site visit and set the parameters according to the priorities (avoiding all the possibilities of bottleneck in construction / fabrication process)
  • Before submitting the final coordination drawings, we do 2D and 3D CAD drawings and models to avoid any possible clashes. Further, we take all the involved parties into confidence before submission so that all the problems will be addressed
  • Coordination drawings are made in such a way that it obeys the deadline for completion of the project
  • With our highly experienced staff, you will continuously enjoy the best services at most affordable prices
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