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Fabrication Drawings by workshopwale

Alumni of prestigious colleges in India with decades of experience makes the fabrication drawing with high accuracy and maintained precision.

As you already know fabrication drawing is made case-by-case basis, hence it is mainly applied to heavy construction projects such as:

  • Trusses / Truss members
  • Structural steel
  • Tender drawings / sketching / schematic drawings
  • Buildings and architectural works
  • Heavy engineering applications / handrails / beams / columns etc.
  • Summary of parts and sub-assemblies along with the detailed information about the connections, holes and related information in steel members.
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It is similar to manufacturing drawing in term of its classifications:

Part drawings

This drawing gives information about the single component to be made for e.g., single truss member required by a welder or foundation drawing for columns by a civil engineer.

only needful information is to be provided in the drawing to avoids the superfluous data and also avoids confusion

The information includes material specifications, linear dimensions with tolerances, angular dimensions with tolerances, welding type and surface finish, weight and placements.

Assembly Drawings

Here, our experienced team of professionals divides the main assembly into sub-assemblies (if required). Further we provide the detailed drawing for each sub assembly.

In simple words, we start from the part drawings and move step-by-step for sub-assembly drawing followed by final assembly (main assembly) drawings.

Hence these drawings includes manufacturing details about all the parts to be manufactured along with the number of such parts required.

Miscellaneous About Fabrication Drawings

It gives detailed information about fixings such as bolts, nuts, studs, washers, rivets etc. Again, we make sure that we provide only required information in terms of Bill of materials (BOM), different views (exploded views, plan, elevation and isometric views, etc.). If necessary, assembly instructions and other additional information is also included.

In other words, all the required information must be provided to fit for the purpose. Is should not be flooded with excess views and unnecessary information.
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Why us??

  • Our highly qualified team with decades of experience in fabrication drawing interconnects the various teams to speak up a common language of work
  • With great coordination and time bound work, we provide the best fit for the purpose fabrication drawings recommended for but not limited to commercial, industrial and residential structures
  • Our team is well experienced in coordinating with various parties involved in fabrication works such as steel manufacturers, architects, structural engineers in order to provide you end-to-end solutions with our general assembly drawings and inherited part drawings with detailed information about connections, holes and all other details
  • We consider all the quires raised by all the parties involved in the project before starting the construction / fabrication, hence, we also equally emphasis on site visit
  • Well qualified timings, mathematically modelled structures with enriched experience and openness in communications with drafters, architects, engineers and fabricators gives the assured quality with precisely tuned performance
  • High ethical values ensures 100% data security and enriched experience at affordable cost beautifies our service to an irresistible level
  • We ensure time bound and result oriented services with personalised assistance and single point of contact. So, if you are looking for a reliable and excelled service provider, is the perfect choice for you
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