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Manufacturing Drawings / Working Drawings by workshopwale

Manufacturing drawings otherwise known as production drawings or working drawings, are the basic need of most of production plants. Manufacturing drawing includes all the information about the product / manufacturing process.

No matter what are the products / components you are going to manufacture, we are capable to provide you the required drawings. Our multi-level checking process minimizes every possibility of error hence you will get the perfect drawing required for seamless and smooth production.

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In manufacturing drawings we provide you compete set of Part drawings and Assembly Drawings

These drawings includes manufacturing details about all the parts to be manufactured along with the number of such parts required. It also gives detailed information about fixings such as bolts, nuts, studs, washers, rivets etc.

Again, we make sure that we provide only required information in terms of Bill of materials (BOM), different views (exploded views, plan, elevation and isometric views, etc.). If necessary, assembly instructions and other additional information is also included.

With our careful and precise drafting services we can proudly say that we are best in class service providers in part drawings, (general) assembly drawings, detailed assembly drawings and fabrication drawings.

Part drawings / component drawings

This drawing focuses on the manufacturing / production of single part / component.

We provide only needful information in the drawing that avoids the superfluous data and also avoids confusion

The information we provide includes material specifications, linear dimensions with tolerances, angular dimensions with tolerances, geometric tolerances and surface finish.

Assembly Drawings

Here, our experienced team of professionals divides the main assembly into sub-assemblies (if required). Further we provide the detailed drawing for each sub assembly.

In simple words, we start from the part drawings and move step-by-step for sub-assembly drawing followed by final assembly (main assembly) drawings.

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Why us??

  • Our drafting team with years of experience in various diversified projects strictly flows the quality standards. Hence you can confidently keep your trust on us
  • Keeping deadlines and value for words make us the most reliable partner in the industry
  • Affordable pricing and prompt working married to engineering precision is capable to astonish you
  • Personal assistance for each project and single point contact removes all the possibilities of miscommunication and any possible delays
  • With our loyal team and high ethical values, 100% data security is maintained
  • Just give a try and believe us your satisfaction from our services will make you part of our customers family

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