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Mechanical and Electrical (MEP) drawings by workshopwale

Mechanical and Electrical Drawings (mostly abbreviated as M&E drawings or MEP Drawings) usually taken in AutoCAD format are used to unify the mechanical systems (such as piping, ducting, Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) units etc.), Utility systems (such as Access control system, waste water management (sewage and gutter systems, plumbing systems, mechanical power systems etc.), security systems (such as fire alarm / fire fighting systems, data networking, cable connections etc.) and electrical systems (such as electrical fixtures, lighting fixtures, emergency lighting, mains and phase wise power distribution, other utility services etc.) in a building.

Other miscellaneous that are included in MEP drawings are heating coils (mostly not required in most parts of India), hot water / cold water systems, sanitary needs, solar installations (such as solar flat plate collector, photo voltaic systems, solar-thermal applications etc.)

All these functionalities are included in architectural drawing of the building. Whether it is commercial building or a school, hospital, residential, official or any other type of building, most of the functionalities mentioned above are integral parts. Here at we are maintaining high quality and time-bound services to give you astonishing results.

Our experienced team of professionals work proficiently with computer aided design (CAD) tools to yield best in quality works.

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Why us??

  • Intelligence of human mind married to the decades of experience of human hands in our proficient team of drafters and engineers ensures the accurate output
  • Fast and reliable service at affordable cost. We respect the word of mouth and deliver projects within deadline
  • We convert your marked-up drawings into presentable form so that you can confidently interact with your clients. All the components are drawn with high accuracy and drawings are done precisely as per customer demand
  • We visit the parties involved in the project (if needed) such as contractors, engineers, sub-contractors etc. to provide coordination drawings with detailed comparison information
  • We are flexible in the format of input information as well as giving the output according to requirements. Hence, we also provide other necessary information in form of installation drawings, fabrication drawing, record drawings from the hand sketches and marked information etc.
  • Very flexible in the input format of the information i.e., you can give input in any format such as images (.jpg, .png, .jpeg etc.), pdf files, hand marked sketches, design specific requirements etc.
  • Various levels of checking by team of inspectors minimizes the errors and mistakes, hence every time you will get best quality output
  • For us customer satisfaction is old thing, we believe in customer astonishment. Our team dedicatedly works to astonish you. Hence, just give us a try and believe us this will be the first step of our long lasting relationship
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