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Architectural Services for Customized Buildings by workshopwale


Whether it is a developed country or a developing country, the most important factor that decides the technological progress is infrastructure. We at workshopwale gives the end-to-end integrated architectural services for infrastructure projects such as:

  • Data centres
  • Mechanical engineering infrastructure design projects
  • Electrical engineering infrastructure design projects
  • Energy efficient buildings (green buildings)

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Military buildings

A safe, secure and strong military base is backbone of defense system of a country. We the workshopwale team provides you the best architectural designs & drawings for all your military needs such as:

  • Arsenal
  • Barracks
  • Bunker
  • Blockhouse
  • Castle
  • Citadel
  • Fortress

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Power stations and utility service plants

As the need of electrical power is increasing so as the technologies in power generation. We serve end-to-end technical needs including architectural design and drawings for:

  • Coal fired thermal power plant
  • Gas fired thermal power plant
  • Oil fired thermal power plant
  • Other fossil fuel fired thermal power plant
  • Nuclear power plant
  • Geothermal power plant (dry stream power plant, flash stream power plants, binary cycle power plants)
  • Biomass fuelled power plant (biogas, ethanol etc.)
  • Wind mill power plant
  • Hydropower plant
  • Solar power plant (solar thermal and solar photo voltaic SPV)

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Other Customized Buildings

There are various buildings which are needed to be customised as per requirements. We understand uniqueness required and provide end-to-end architectural and technical solutions for:

Apartments Bakery
Beauty salon Bookstore / bookshop
Clinic Community hall
Departmental store Eatery
Fast-food restaurants Film studio
Floristry Folly
Food court Gym
Hospice Hospital
Hut Hypermarket
Low-energy buildings Mini market
Office building Pizzeria
Plant nursery Pub
Bathhouse Skyscraper
Sport club Vet
Wet market Workshop
World trade centre Others

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