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Patent drawings are usually very technical in nature. The purpose of this drawing is to clearly explain the nature and components of the invention.

Again, it starts from the detailed technical drawing of the component to sub-assemblies and final assembly of the invention. As explained above, the purpose of this drawing is to clearly explain the invention hence, there could be as many views as required. (i.e., plan (top) view, side view, cut-section view, isometric view, exploded view, elevation view etc.).

Clarity in the drawing helps in fast processing of the patent.

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Why us??

  • We do proper homework on the specifications required by the specific patent offices and work closely with the respective lawyers and inventors
  • We align our drawings as per the norms set by intellectual property department, without affecting the clarity of the drawing
  • We are very flexible in the input format of the information i.e., you can give input in any format such as images (.jpg, .png, .jpeg etc.), pdf files, hand marked sketches, design specific requirements etc.
  • Further, before actual manufacturing of the product, you can give us any existing product (as a prototype) and tell us your imagination, we will make models and drawings accordingly
  • You can also provide any exiting drawing to convert it to model and vice-versa
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We are committed to provide you the best services at most affordable prices. We always prefer to give fixed price quotations as, the hourly costing will not give clear idea about the project costs. For getting the best quote quickly you may need to provide some informations such as hand-sketches, images or just a detailed discussion.

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We are always happy to sign Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA). Hence, there is a no need of worrying about data security.

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