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Architectural Services for Residential Buildings by workshopwale

With our highly qualified engineers and experienced drafters, we the provide you the architectural and engineering services for residential buildings. Whether you are an architectural firm (looking for outsourcing some your work like architectural modeling-drawing) or an engineering firm (looking for stress analysis, HVAC services, structural analysis services) or a real estate firm (looking for end to end services) we provide you all you need. Think about us as a friend who is always there to share your load. With our high end engineering, drafting and execution services we are the best solutions for all your problems.

We serve in following sections of residential buildings but not limited to:
Apartment Blocks and Tower Blocks ; Hospitals and Nursing Homes ; Condominium and Townhouse ; Dormitory and Hostels ; Duplex and Villas ; Bungalows and Mansions

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Apartment Blocks and Tower Blocks

Whether the building is purely residential apartment or a tower combining both residential and commercial purpose, the most important point which makes both the purpose comfortable is the well planned architecture.

This architecture serves both the purpose, one being successfully giving the commercial look to the required part of the building, while the other being comfortably accommodating families in the corresponding apartments without disturbing their personal lives because of commercial activities in the same buildings.

We at make these work easy for you. We provide the detailed architectural models & drawings along with assisted construction and MEP drawings for smooth functioning of the project. If you are looking for a single shot best service, we are the right choice for you.

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Hospitals and Nursing Homes

Hospitals and nursing homes act like a second home for the needy patients. Hence, it is necessary to make them feel physically and psychologically comfortable in the hospital / nursing home.

Along with the friendly staff and caring nurses, it takes the architecture of the building to make the patients feel comfortable.

We at serves this need with our highly qualified and experience staff. Whether you are an architectural firm looking somebody to out-source the architectural modeling / drawing job or a team of trustees and doctors looking for a perfect architectural plan of your building, we are the right choice for you.

With our high end technology oriented detailed architectural drawings, you will continuously enjoy the best-in-quality architectural services at affordable rates.

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Condominium and Townhouse

Condominium (in form of housing societies / chawls) and townhouses are getting popularity because of affordable housing for middle class families. As the middle class is growing, there is a huge demand of more open space and aesthetically pleasant housing.

Whether it is a condominium, housing societies, chawls or townhouses, the common need is good outlook and a great interior. This is not just an architectural matter but it is all about marrying engineering with art. If you are an architectural firm looking to outsource some parts of your project (such as architectural modeling / drawing of your project or mathematical analysis of performance of your design) or a firm involved in building and looking for technical as well as architectural assistance, we are the right choice for you.

Our continuously trained highly qualified engineering and drafting team works dedicatedly at affordable rates. Our time-bound services with high accuracy and commitment makes us best in class.

We can proudly say, is your one stop solution for all the architectural and engineering needs.

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Dormitory and Hostels

Dormitory, hostels and bulk accommodation projects are needed in areas like religious places, educational institutes, accommodation for bachelor employees and other similar needs.

The biggest challenge in this type of building will face is accommodating high number of peoples at limited space. Utility services comes later but the most important factor in these type buildings are plenty of sunlight at each floor and provision for fresh air. This is more about architectural problem rather than engineering one.

We at provides the specialised services for these needs. Whether you are an architectural firm (looking to outsource a project or part of a project such as architectural drawing) or a building / real estate firm (looking for architectural applications) or institutions looking for construction of these types of buildings, we are the right choice for you.

Our dedicated team for these types of building is having the capability to astonish you with architectural models and drawings that optimizes space-usage. This will be a win-win situation for all the parties involved in the project as well as it will give and pleasant and comfortable accommodation.

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Duplex and villas

Duplexes and villas are quite famous among the upper middle class. The upper middle class is growing as economy rises, hence the need for these type of accommodation is also rising. It takes an artistic mind with vision to provide a luxurious home without extra costs.

It is not just about the architectural plan but it is also about the involved parties such as electrical contractors, civil engineers, construction contractors etc. Hence, provides you best quality architectural models and drawings with proper detailing suitable for the corresponding party.

Whether you are an architectural firm want to outsource some of your project works (like architectural modeling / drawings) or a real estate firm looking for architectural and technical needs or a construction company looking for end-to-end services, we are the right choice for you.

Our experience in diversified background will give you perfect solution specifically for your case. We are always known as a ‘problem solving firm’ among our customers.

If you want a trustworthy technical support at affordable price and within time limits, we are the perfect match for your needs. Just give us a try and we will astonish you. For us, customer satisfaction is an old thing we believe in customer astonishment.

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Bungalows and mansions

With the rising number of rich peoples especially in growing economy like India, the demand of Bungalows, Mansions and other luxurious houses is rising. One looks for fruitful usage of the money in terms of artistic design, best in class architecture, durable structure with high strength and the most important is comfort.

With you can get all this done with our high-end modelling and architectural drawing services. We are experts in mathematical modelling and analysis along with architectural drawing, structural analysis, energy audits and similar other services. We provide you end-to-end solutions so that you can comfortably get out of your fear and tensions of getting the things done in proper way.

With our outstanding engineering skills and mathematical modelling at affordable cost you are going to get the things like, you have done yourself. We ensure best quality with our dedicated drafting team, engineering team and several level checking of the project. Hence, you will always enjoy highly accurate architectural drawing for your bungalow and mansions at most affordable cost.

Whether you are an architectural firm (looking for outsourcing some of your work such as architectural modeling / drawing, stress analysis etc.) or a real estate company (looking for end to end solutions) or an individual (looking for someone to assist you in your architectural needs) we are the perfect solution to satisfy all your needs.

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Our Speciality

Our obsession about perfection makes our engineering skills fool-proof while our love for art make it user-friendly. If you are looking for one shot solutions to all your needs, just give us a try and we will astonish you with our services.

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