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3D CAD models for rapid prototyping (3D printing) by workshopwale

Rapid prototyping has accelerated the product development and project related works. A 3D printed models gives the identical features of the required parts and is suitable for temporary testing and analysis purpose. The most important being, it is the cheaper alternative to test the concepts

Perfectly printed 3D part requires a well-designed and perfectly modelled 3D CAD model. We at work continuously to give you perfect models according your desire, suitable for 3D printers / rapid proto machines. With us you will continuously enjoy the most affordable services with complementary consulting on the 3D printing process and materials suitable for you product.

For creating the model as per your desire, we need ANY ONE of the following:
  • (a) 2D drawings (either Handmade / on-paper / CAD)
  • (b) Hand drawn sketch
  • (c) Existing CAD models
  • (d) Existing part (better with cut-sections)
  • (e) Or just a clear vision in your mind, our experienced team of engineers and drafters will do the rest
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Why us??

  • Best services at most affordable price
  • Complimentary consulting service for printing process and best material for your product / structure
  • Highly experienced team, one team dedicated for one project only
  • Time-bound services to meet your deadlines
  • 24X7 assistance on live projects
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
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About Pricing

We are committed to provide you the best services at most affordable prices. We always prefer to give fixed price quotations as, the hourly costing will not give clear idea about the project costs. For getting the best quote quickly you may need to provide some informations such as hand-sketches, images or just a detailed discussion.

About Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

We are always happy to sign Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA). Hence, there is a no need of worrying about data security.

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