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End-to-end 3D CAD solutions by workshopwale

End-to-end 3D CAD soulutions, as the name suggests provides you end-to-end 3D CAD models for your products / buildings. Our highly experienced team provides you the best solution for all your 3D CAD modelling needs. Whether you have a hand drawn sketch, or CAD drawings of earlier models or just an imagination in your mind, our engineering team combined with the drafter's team will provide you the models as per your desire.

We at also provides the assistance for construction / manufacturing requirements. We use the right tool for right purpose, hence with us you can easily accelerate the process of product design and architectural needs.

With 3D models (created using softwares tools like Creo, Pro-E, SolidWorks, FreeCAD etc.), it is very easy to generate:
Detailed and fully dimensioned drawings Photo realistic 3D rendering 3D printing files (mainly used for rapid prototyping and generally in .stl format) Realistic checking (for clashes, alignments, placements, collisions etc.) Creating animations

We provide end-to-end 3D-CAD solutions including:
3D architectural modelling ; 3D CAD models for rapid prototyping (3D printing) ; 3D machine parts modelling ; 3D assembly and model check (limits, fits, tolerance and interference)

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3D architectural modelling

A well-drawn and perfectly modelled 3D architecture CAD models gives life to your dream project. We know your imaginations for your architecture are superior and you just need a perfect CAD team to carve your imagination into virtual reality (3D CAD for architectural modelling)

Virtually realistic and aesthetically sound model will improve your chance of winning projects and get the market funding. Your perfect design marries with our precisely carved models to give you high-end models for business presentations. Our team will increase the expectations of everyone.

We do modelling for both interior and exterior of an building (architecture). We are specialist in various 3D CAD services, such as 3D modelling for:

Residential Buildings Shopping Malls & other commercial buildings Institutional Buildings Industrial Buildings
Governmental Buildings Recreational and Agricultural Buildings Urban Planning and Infrastructure development
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3D CAD models for rapid prototyping (3D printing)

Rapid prototyping has accelerated the product development and project related works. A 3D printed models gives the identical features of the required parts and is suitable for temporary testing and analysis purpose. The most important being, it is the cheaper alternative to test the concepts.

Perfectly printed 3D part requires a well-designed and perfectly modelled 3D CAD model. We at work continuously to give you perfect models according your desire, suitable for 3D printers / rapid proto machines.

For creating the model as per your desire, we need ANY ONE of the following:

  • (a) 2D drawings (either Handmade / on-paper / CAD)
  • (b) Hand drawn sketch
  • (c) Existing CAD models
  • (d) Existing part (better with cut-sections)
  • (e) Or just a clear vision in your mind, our experienced team of engineers and drafters will do the rest
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3D machine parts modelling

There are various reasons for which you need 3D CAD models for machine parts modelling, such as:

  • If you are looking for a new part development
  • If you have an existing model but you don’t have 3D CAD for the same
  • If you want to update your CAD library and create new manufacturing drawings
  • If you are looking for rapid prototyping of some components (3D printing of parts)
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3D assembly and model check (limits, fits, tolerance and interference)

The best design is the design which functions as per expectations and easy to manufacture. A perfect model always perfectly fit to the assembly.

Machine design and analysis is always a best experience with Our best in class team gives you the best solution precisely to your need.

Our models facilitates for the best machine / product design, assembly and easier analysis
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Why us??

  • For us, your project is not just a deal, it is the beginning of long term relationship
  • Highly experienced team of architects and drafters working dedicatedly on your projects
  • Prompt services and respect for word
  • Realistic images and best in class modelling
  • As you already know the best way to create the 2-D drawings is to create the 3-D model of the product first. With modern CAD tools, this is also the most efficient way to do so. With us, you will get the benefit of both 2-D and 3D at marginal cost.
  • You will get the overall idea about each and every part of your project, hence the necessary changes can be done in the models itself, which are automatically updated in the drawings
  • We have a very clear policy of one team per project, hence you will get a team of experienced and highly qualified engineers and drafters will dedicatedly for you.
  • We are very flexible in input formats. You can provide ANY ONE of the following as input:
    • Handmade / on paper / CAD drawings
    • Hand drawn sketches
    • Existing prototype model / real
    • Or JUST a clear vision in your mind

  • At unbelievably discounted rates we provide 2D drawings from 3D CAD models, such as:
    Manufacturing drawing Patent drawing Concept drawing Shop drawing M&E drawings Schematic drawing Shop drawings etc.

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We are committed to provide you the best services at most affordable prices. We always prefer to give fixed price quotations as, the hourly costing will not give clear idea about the project costs. For getting the best quote quickly you may need to provide some informations such as hand-sketches, images or just a detailed discussion.

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