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World-Class CAD Conversion Services by workshopwale

Cad conversion services are required when you want to upgrade the existing 2D drawings (either hand drawn / on-paper CAD / 2D CAD format such as .dwg / pdf etc). We offer all range of CAD conversion services starting from existing 2D CAD drawings to hand-marked paper drawings.

There are various needs of a firm whether it is an architectural, mechanical, construction, engineering or any other firm. With us you are ensured to get the best services at most reasonable price. Dedicated team and accurate conversions are the key factors which makes your experience mode delighted.

We give our services for the following CAD conversions but are not limited to: Paper / Hand sketches / 2D drawings to CAD conversion ; IMAGINATION to CAD conversion** ; Any format to customer specified format (usually DWG to DGN / DGN to DWG) ; PDF / XPS / RTF to CAD conversion ; 2D drawings to 3D models ; Images (.jpg, .jpeg, .png etc.) to CAD conversion

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Paper / Hand sketches / 2D drawings to CAD conversion

Paper to CAD conversions are mainly for converting the paper drawings (such as hand-sketches / scanned or 2D CAD drawings) to 3D CAD models and / or 2D drawings.

We the workshopwale team provides extensive and best-in-class CAD conversions to accurately and precisely reflect your intensions behind the drawings. These drawings can be extensively used for architects, engineers, manufacturers, fabricators, constructions crews, electricians, utility and all other related parties.
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IMAGINATION to CAD conversion**

Our brain is faster than computer, it has capability of understanding and learning skills. It can imagine and also have power to make the imaginations come true.

But, one of the biggest odd we face in making our imagination come true is, difficulty in explaining the ideas with lot of words, conveying the messages efficiently & interestingly.
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PDF / XPS / RTF to CAD conversion

Whether it is a machine design project or some construction projects, it is always assisted by quick sketches and rough drafts. These sketches and drafts are useful but can’t be directly used for production / construction at masses.

Hence, a well-drawn and aesthetically sound drawings are always needed for well-maintained construction / production
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2D drawings to 3D models

Mostly you may have used 2D formats for conveying information to you production teams/ customers but in today’s advanced world, you may need to convey information more accurately and conveniently using 3D models.

We can convert individual drawings / images/ projects or even complete library of parts & drawings into 3D models. We provided end-to-end solutions in...
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Why us??

  • Your project is not just a deal for us, it the starting of long-lasting relationship and maintaining the trust you have on us
  • We use the right tool for the right purpose. The final output can be given in any specified format such as .prt, .dwg., .dwf, .dgn
  • We are highly flexible in input formats and even more accurate in giving the conversions
  • We ensures the exceptional quality at most reasonable cost. For us customer satisfaction is old thing, we believe in customer astonishment
  • Our obsession about perfection make us a dependable and recognized CAD Conversion solutions provider
  • Our policy of one team per project makes the services most reliable and consistent. Our experts in various fields give you the CAD conversions as per the international standards or customized standards as per the requirements
  • With several levels of quality checks we ensure highly accurate and aesthetically pleasant conversions
  • High level of data security with privacy and confidentiality
  • All the conversions are editable electronically using the appropriate tools like Solidworks, Creo, Catia, AutoCAD etc.
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About Pricing

We are committed to provide you the best services at most affordable prices. We always prefer to give fixed price quotations as, the hourly costing will not give clear idea about the project costs. For getting the best quote quickly you may need to provide some informations such as hand-sketches, images or just a detailed discussion.

About Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

We are always happy to sign Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA). Hence, there is a no need of worrying about data security.

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