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Any format to customer specified format (usually DWG to DGN / DGN to DWG) conversion services by workshopwale

There are various formats for CAD models depending upon the CAD tool used. However dealing with various parties, these formats may or may not be common. Various companies have their specific CAD software tools such as some may use AutoCAD/Autodesk, while other may use microStaion, Creo (pro-E) etc.

Hence, as per the tools the file format also varies such as .dgn if file format of microStation while Autodesk /AutoCAD have .dwg and .dxf formats. If one is using Creo (pro-E) as CAD tool then .drw would be the file format for 2D. There are some in-house conversions in these softwares as well, but sometimes you may need to have specific CAD formats, which may be difficult to achieve using the ready-to-use conversion options available in the software packages.

Usually schematic drawings, component drawings etc. are required to be converted. For successful and efficient conversions we need the existing / desired CAD formats. Then it is required to do geometry clean-up / drawing clean-up.

Clear the layers, if required and set the new levels. Make necessary changes to specifically draft models / titles / drawings. Compare and check with the reference files and check the models.

Usually customers need to convert dwg to dgn / dgn to dwg

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