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Photo Realistic Rendering Services by workshopwale

From our CAD data we create a photo realistic image that adds life to your project. We do photographing of each and every pixel with help of our software tools. We can produce photo realistic rendering for complete product which describes your product with high quality and realistic physical significance. We trace the rays of light as they bounce over the entire background to give the rendering. These can be done on existing CAD models or freshly created 3D CAD models.

With our giant material and texture library we try out all the possibilities to make the images as realistic as possible. We provide end-to-end services in: Rendering For Assemblies and exploded views of assemblies ; Rendering within a pre-specified background

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Rendering For Assemblies and exploded views of assemblies

Most of the times the product is actually an assembly comprising of various components and sub-assemblies. An exploded view can help the individuals to understand it better. We provide end-to-end solutions in making the photo realistic exploded view of the models.

These exploded views contains no-hidden components. Exploded views can be done in 3D rendering and animations as well.

For making the management presentations, it is also needed to render the assembly in stages. We the workshopwale team ensures the best quality images at each and every step

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Rendering within a pre-specified background

This is usually a case in architectural rendering, where the architecture is required to be set within the pre-specified background. It can be a landscape or a particular lighting conditions, the architectural rendering is mostly done in pre-specified backgrounds.

However sometimes it is also needed to have a product / machine has to be shown within a specified background. For example, a special purpose machine has to be shown within the background image of the production workshop.

These practices make the images even more realistic. These background images can be provided by you or we can also use our libraries for these images

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Steps in Photo Realistic Rendering

The steps for photo realistic rendering is similar to 3D interactive rendering

It all starts with a 3D CAD model. These models can be created using any CAD software tools such as Creo (pro-E), catia, SolidWorks etc.

Then we will apply the materials to parts (for e.g., brass for gears, SS to shafts, aluminium for handle etc.)

If it is an architectural / building project then we apply the realistic texture and wall finishing (such as putty on walls, white paint on walls, sound-proofing tiles in halls etc.)

The next step is to give the lighting conditions and set the virtual cameras to get the desired views

Setup the virtual environment / backgrounds such as landscapes (for architectural projects), workshops (for mechanical projects), rooms / tables etc. (for decorative articles etc.)

Set up rendering and process it as per needs

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Time requirements

Time requirements for rendering varies with complexity and detailing of the project.

Very complex and detailed rendering take a large amount of time because the software tools are essentially ‘photographing’ each pixel of the image. These pixels define the color and texture of the image.

Computing the color of a single pixel requires a lot of calculations, further the light rays are traced computationally. Hence to render entire picture, the time required will vary accordingly.

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Why us??

  • We create best quality photo realistic rendering at most affordable cost
  • We provide end-to-end support in rendering for the marketing materials such as marketing brochures / materials, special purpose rendering (concept rendering) on request, sales proposals and responding enquiry
  • we provide renderings for creative designs as well, the physics of photography can be overridden with our software tools
  • As per the needs we are happy to provide renderings on varied environment and backgrounds (with the background images supplied by customers). We also give complete solutions for customized rendering specifically to customer’s needs.
  • With the complete rendering we provide section images and cut-outs at exceptionally lower cost
  • Your project is not just a deal for us, it the starting of long-lasting relationship and maintaining the trust you have on us
  • Our obsession about perfection make us a dependable and recognized rendering solutions provider
  • Our highly experienced and continuously trained team makes the services most reliable and consistent
  • With several levels of quality checks we ensure highly accurate and aesthetically pleasant deliverables
  • High level of data security with privacy and confidentiality
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