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World Class Reverse Engineering Services by workshopwale

Reverse engineering refers to reconstruction of existing parts / machines accurately. This is useful in understanding of existing machines and for manufacturing of same-kind of machine. It is also useful in upgrading / modifying the design of the machine under consideration.

There are various conditions and specific needs where reverse engineering is must. Mostly the conditions are, when the machine is very old and there are no drawings, drawings are very old & unusable, only tools are used to make parts without using drawings or simply, some foreign machines / parts are taken into consideration.

This may also be the case when supplier provides only parts / component but will not provide drawings.

Whatever may be the case, leave all you worries on workshopwale team because this is the right place to perfectly solve your problems. Our highly experienced and continuously trained engineering teams are capable of handling all the machine parts and give you the best reverse engineering services at most affordable rates.

Whether you want to examine, understand, reconstruct, rebuild, alter or anything you want to do with the existing parts, we the workshopwale team gives you end-to-end services from modeling to manufacturing.

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Our Approach

We follow the systematic approach for reverse engineering. We start with the measurement of the components. Depending upon the accuracy requirements, we either measure it by hand-measurements or by 3D scanning:

Hand measurements

Hand measurements are mainly involved using various geometric and meteorology tools. We either use CMS or hand for measurements.

We carefully measure the geometries using the right tools for the right part and use that data to make the model for the same. Once the 3D CAD model is made, it is very easy to make the changes in the model.

After finalizing the model we look at the manufacturing procedure for the component. We provide end-to-end solutions for manufacturing consulting and assistance. We use this models to make drawings, which are specifically useful for production and manufacturing

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3D scanning

For 3D scanning mostly laser scanner are used. After scanning we take all the computer data (collected in Mesh Cloud format) and we do data refining for making sense from the data.

From this data we freshly create a reference CAD model and do peer review for error /bug free models. Further we do checks for multi-disciplinary components such as mechatronics, robotics, electronics / thermal sink designs etc.

After all the checks and analysis we prepare a final report and send all the documents along with the model to customer.

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Once the CAD model is made, modifications can also be done on the same. For providing end-to-end services, we also do manufacturing of the parts, on request. We preferably follow International Standards for reverse engineering, but it can also be done according to customer specific standards (such as BS- British Standards)

Data Security and Trade Secrets

We are always happy to sign non-disclosure agreement in interest of customers.

With us you will be assured the total data security for reverse engineering services. Hence all the trade secrets and sensitive information will be confidential forever.

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CAM / CAE / CFD support

We provide end-to-end solutions in Computer Aided Design (CAD), Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM), Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis.

With us you will continuously enjoy end-to-end solutions for reverse engineering at most affordable rates

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Accessory services

Apart from the point to point reverse engineering services, we also provide accessory services such as:

Feasibility study of the products to suit the needs. (Such as a room heater is good for cold countries but it has very limited usage in warm climates like India, Sri Lanka etc.)

We also look after (only on request), whether the patent of the component has been violated

Detailed technical report for better understanding of the part / machine in question. It also helps in understanding the competitor’s technology, if you are requesting for reverse engineering of competitor’s product

Upgrading the existing technology to make it suitable for the generations coming and beyond

Multidisciplinary checks and interfacing of technology to make it suitable for various applications. (for example, indirect evaporative cooling is an accessory for cooling factory sheds but it can also be utilized as humidifier up to saturation of air)

Alternative technologies and error (bug) fixing are the cheaper ways of upgrading the technology and utilize for awesome outcome

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Why us??

  • Your project is not just a deal for us, it the starting of long-lasting relationship and maintaining the trust you have on us
  • We provide end-to-end solutions from design to analysis and manufacturing. With us you will enjoy single window solution with reduced cost
  • extensive use of technologies and capability of handling multi-disciplinary projects make us end-to-end solution provider
  • We ensures the exceptional quality at most reasonable cost. For us customer satisfaction is old thing, we believe in customer astonishment
  • Our obsession about perfection make us a dependable and recognized reverse engineering solutions provider
  • Our highly experienced and continuously trained team makes the services most reliable and consistent
  • With several levels of quality checks we ensure highly accurate and aesthetically pleasant deliverables
  • High level of data security with privacy and confidentiality is guaranteed in our reverse engineering services
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About Pricing

We are committed to provide you the best services at most affordable prices. We always prefer to give fixed price quotations as, the hourly costing will not give clear idea about the project costs. For getting the best quote quickly we may need to have a detailed discussion.

About Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

We are always happy to sign Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA). Hence, there is a no need of worrying about data security.

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