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Enjoy end-to-end CFD solutions by workshopwale

We the workshopwale team provides you the best end-to-end Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Solutions right from the meshing to complete CFD analysis. We also provide technical training, corporate training and staffing solutions for CFD modelling and analysis.

We give consulting services worldwide with our offices located in India (in Bengaluru / Bangalore, Pune, Nagpur, Gondia). We give end-to-end solutions from CAD design to CFD and CAE Analysis. With us you will continuously enjoy the best services at most affordable rates. Our CFD specific services includes geometry clean-up & meshing, mesh development, CFD solutions and analysis of results.

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We give our dedicated services to the following industries but are not limited to: Automobiles, Heat Exchangers, Control Valves & Instrumentation, Oil & Gas, HVAC, Power Generation, Automation, Biomedical, Appliances, Turbo-Machinery etc.

We are well known for providing end-to-end solutions in complete product design and development including virtual simulations as well as real manufacturing.

On our training and consulting wing, we give the best online and offline training.

We provide end-to-end CAD design and CFD analysis services for various industries including: Appliances, equipment and applications ; Automobiles / Automotive ; Aerospace, Aeronautics and Acoustics ; Biomedical ; Casting and Material processing ; CFD Meshing Solutions ; Chemical and process industries ; Combustion and Furnace design ; Compressor Design ; Control Valves and piping ; Electronic Cooling and Thermal sink design ; Heat Exchangers ; Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems ; Marine Applications ; Petroleum, Oil & Gas ; Power Plant ; Renewable energy ; Thermal Analysis and Conjugate Heat Transfer ; Turbomachinery

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About Simulations

World today is fast moving with new products extensively coming in to replace the existing products. Today, the products must withstand and beat other competitive products in breaking-high-performance, compact size, aesthetically pleasant shape, high capacity, remarkable durability, superior quality and many other attributes that compel consumers to select the product.

Experimentation is always necessary to introduce a product. Only experiments can validate the theory and purpose of a product. However, experimentation is not very easy and cheaper. The increasing cutting-throat competition in world is driving the business leaders to find a new and cheaper way to assist, if not replace, the need of experimentation. Simulations are the midway for limiting expensive experiments.

Using simulations in design optimization, engineers will save a lot of time and energy over experiments. Several repetitive tasks in evaluating in influence of various variables can be automated and engineers will focus on innovative ideas and creativity

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What is CFD??

Versteeg and Malalasekera define Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) as a the analysis of systems involving fluid flow, heat transfer and associated phenomenon such as chemical reactions by means of computer based simulations.

How CFD analysis can help your projects??

CFD and other Simulation services provided by workshopwale team will help you in cutting down your project costs by:

  • Limiting the number of experiments and testing required in checking your design concepts
  • Validating the concepts & processes in design & manufacturing of the product
  • Prioritizing the needs and reducing the errors in actual products within very low budget
  • Eliminating the expensive redesigning and modification processes by computational evaluation
  • Evaluating the failure characteristics using failure models and deciding if redesign is necessary
  • Limiting the needs of costly prototypes and destructive testing
  • Reducing the overall design and analysis time
We the workshopwale team always believe in analysing the simulation results against the actual physics. Hence, we always give the best results, close to reality.

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Our Capabilities

We use the recognized frontline software tools for analysis. We have access to most of the recognized software tools, known for giving better results for certain specialized segments.

Depending upon the requirements, we also write User Defined Functions (UDFs) and codes (if necessary) for specific applications. We all know, CFD packages are nothing but the coded mathematical procedures hence, our team of mathematicians and engineers works together to give you the best results close to reality.

We are capable of handling multi-disciplinary projects. Hence the analysis becomes more and more realistic. Our computational capabilities also enable us to provide solutions for:

  • Numerical Stress Analysis
  • Electromagnetics
  • Weather prediction
  • Aerospace applications
  • Chemical reactions and combustion
  • Complex heat and mass transfer
  • Fluid-structure interaction
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Our Approach

While any intelligent, computer-literate person can run a CFD code, the results he or she obtains may not be physically correct. In fact, if the grid is not properly generated, or if the boundary conditions or flow parameters are improperly applied, the results may even be completely erroneous.

We have dealt and dealing with CFD simulations with results close to reality. This is because of our systematic approach, which valid for almost all the Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and other Simulation related projects. Following steps are the guidelines for us to start with the simulations:

  • Understanding the physics of the problem
  • Reviewing the simulation requirements
  • Setting up the solution strategies and aligning it with the physics of the problem
  • Making the plans and schedules for overall project
  • Generating CAD models and geometry clean-up as per the need
  • Meshing the geometry (surface meshing and geometry meshing)
  • Solution setup according to physics of the problem. Deciding the convergence criterion according to desired accuracy.
  • Running the numerical solutions and having the preliminary analysis using contour visualization, interpretations and expectations
  • Doing detailed analysis using plots, verifying and validating the data with experiments / research articles / previous data for similar projects
  • If results are making sense with respect to the physics of the problem, we prepare the final report and give to customers else we do remeshing and repeat procedures from step 7 onwards until we get the satisfactory results

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Our Applicability in Industries

We believe in providing end-to-end services. For CFD and other Computational Analysis our services are applicable to but are not limited to following industries:

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We provide End-to-End CFD Services for:

Appliances, equipment and applications

Whether it is a hair dryer or complicated industrial machineries, we are the best-in-class solution provider for end-to-end support in product design and development CAD design and CFD modelling.

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Automobiles / Automotive

We partner with you to give the best results and best-in-class CFD services in various aspects of Automobiles / Automotive such as engine cooling systems, External Aerodynamics, Underhood thermal Analysis, passenger thermal comfort systems.

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Aerospace, Aeronautics and Acoustics

We are the single window end-to-end solution provider in conceptual design & analysis, Preliminary design & analysis and Final design & analysis. With us you will continuously enjoy the prompt and reliable services at most affordable cost.

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With our sophisticated technology we provide complete solutions in understanding the complex flows in biological systems and devices.In biomedical applications of cardiovascular treatments, CFD can be used in creating treatment models and visualization & segmentation of medical imaging data.

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Casting and Material processing

Fluid flow during casting, steel manufacturing and metal refining process plays a decisive role in establishing the quality of casting, steel and metals. Fluid flow during these processes affects mixing, refining, solidification process and hence plays important role in determining the pricing of the products

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CFD Meshing Solutions

It take about 70% of user’s time to create geometry and mesh it. We offer end-to-end solutions in meshing (grid generation) of the projects of all sizes and applications. We can provide structured, unstructured, surface, volume, hexa, tetra meshes.

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Chemical and process industries

We the workshopwale team provides you end-to-end solutions in designing, analysis and benchmarking of various chemical processes such as combustion, surface chemistry, evaporation, cavitation, multiphase flow (separated flows, dispersed flows, gas-liquid flows, gas-solid flows, mixing reactions, catalytic cracking, heat exchangers, phase separation, coal gasification, liquid-solid flows, liquid-solid flows, three phase flows).

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Combustion and Furnace design

Combustion appears simple but it is physically and chemically very complicated. Hence, without proper design and flow, improper combustion happens resulting in issues like incomplete compression, very high ‘excess air’ supply, NOx and SOx, CO emissions, CO2 emissions.
With our CFD team, you can easily evaluate performance and characterization of combustion and furnaces.

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Compressor Design

From the CFD analysis, you can actually visualize the flow patterns in these complex machines. With our highly experienced team, you will get all the technical details including, effective flow area, effective force area, valve port characterization, flow pressures, operating pressure ratios, reed valve displacements, overall performance..

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Control Valves and piping

We the workshopwale team provide you the end-to-end solution in design and analysis of control valves. With our CFD simulations and numerical techniques, we can give you visualizations about flow inside control valves (on various valve types such as globe wall, ball type, butterfly valves etc.)

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Electronic Cooling and Thermal sink design

If you need an efficient cooling system for your electronic devices, CFD analysis at design phase can help you. We the workshopwale team take pride in introducing ourselves as end-to-end solution provider in thermal cooling applications and CFD analysis of electrical and electronic machines / components.

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Heat Exchangers

In heat exchangers there are no perfect mathematical relations for Heat Exchangers, all the available formulas are based on curve-fit equations and data based on numerous experiments. CFD is a technique to computationally solve the flow and heat transfer problem based on governing principles and equations.

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Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems

HVAC systems plays a critical role in various important sectors such as Hospitals, Labs, Conference Room, Fire Stations etc. With our expertise in providing end-to-end solutions in HVAC sector including HVAC Ducting & Optimization, Natural and Forced Air Calculations, Solar powered natural ventilation, Air contamination and filtering.

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Marine Applications

With great design changes, the design of various marine machineries is becoming competitive. To reduce the overall cost of machines, it is now required to design it more efficiently without compromising its performance and robustness. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) can serve as the best tool in designing and optimizing marine machineries such as pumps, turbines, ships, floating systems, submarine sail etc.

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Petroleum, Oil & Gas

Petroleum, oil & Gas are the most demanded fluids in today’s transport and power sector. Extraction of these involves a lot of critical processes and thermal-fluid interactions. With our CFD team we can help you understanding the complex reactions and technological applications in extraction, refining and storage of petrochemicals.

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Power Plant

Demand for power is exponentially increasing. It now a need to conserve and convert each and every bit of energy to power. We provide end-to-end services in designing, analysing, consulting and CFD analysis of complete power plants, co-generation systems. With our CFD analysis team we can also help in understanding of complex physics and give you optimum design for your plants.

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Renewable energy

It is a well-known fact that power generation from renewables requires a high capital investment, while the pay-back period using current technology is not very attractive. CFD is capable of cutting down the product design cycle time and overall cost associated. Our team of CFD engineers, physicist, mathematician and mechanical engineers works together to give you the best results close to reality.

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Thermal Analysis and Conjugate Heat Transfer

If you need an efficient cooling system for your electronic devices, CFD analysis at design phase can help you. We the workshopwale team take pride in introducing ourselves as end-to-end solution provider in thermal cooling applications and CFD analysis of electrical and electronic machines / components.

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Modern advancement in engineering and technology is forcing the designers to design turbomachines for best-in-class performance, high reliability, reduced start-up time and highly robust.

Hence the best way to successfully design a turbomachinery is to take help of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), it evaluates many aspect of your turbomachine against the governing principle of fluid dynamics.

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Why us??

  • Your project is not just a deal for us, it the starting of long-lasting relationship and maintaining the trust you have on us
  • Best-in-class service at most affordable rates
  • Highly experienced and continuously trained teams with varying backgrounds
  • Optimum and close-to-reality results from trusted and proven team members
  • Overall project cost is reduced with our end-to-end services from conceptualization to design, from analysis to manufacturing, from process planning to optimization
  • Our unmatched quality and cost saving rates surpassing everybody and making us the most trusted and recognized single window solution provider in the sector
  • Capability of handling multi-disciplinary projects with dedicated team of program writers, mathematicians and engineers
  • Extensive use of advances in numerical techniques and coding for specialized projects make us outstanding in field
  • We do coupled analysis on demand, for more realistic analysis
  • Wide applicability of our services to various industries
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